Why should I choose Suratests?

Suratests is a your ultimate destination for all you need for your competitive exam preparation. We offer exam tips given by experts, exam alerts , real mock tests and reference guides. Our detailed test analysis is also a major advantage for those who are taking the tests for the first time.

Who creates the content and tests for Suratests?

The materials are prepared by subject experts who give in-depth knowledge of the subject and are regularly updated according to the latest syllabus guidelines.

Why do I have to sign up for Suratests?

We ask users to sign up so that you can get access to our advanced features such as a history of all the tests you have taken and the analytics performed to gauge your own performance. You can also use the portal to check your orders, payment history and credit summary.

Why should I pay for Suratests?

Our tests and material are created by experts and for us to offer such good quality material we require you to make a reasonable payment in order to support us in offering such content.

Do the mock tests simulate the actual exam?

Yes. Since most government exams are conducted online we have made best efforts to give our users an authentic exam taking experience. So the number of questions, the pattern and syllabus is followed to the dot in an online mock test.

Can I pause a test and continue it at a later point of time?

Yes. Suratests tests allow you save a test and return back to it later and continue from where you left off.

Are there any registration charges?

No. You can register with us for free and you will receive e-mails alerting you of upcoming exams and also new resources available in our websites.

I successfully completed registration but did not receive the password and login details.

Check your spam folder or in case of gmail check your updates tab for the details. If it does not work try to retrieve the password through forgot password option.

Can I share questions with a friend?

Yes. Once you sign up not only can you share an interesting question with a friend but also challenge a friend to beat your test score or get challenged to help you keep motivated.

How do I report any errors in a question?

Our questions and assessments are usually error free but if it does happen you can report it using the “report error” feature.

Are my login details safe in case I login with google or facebook?

Yes, Absolutely. We take privacy very seriously and have an airtight privacy policy. The login details will not be accessible by anyone and is used only to make your sign up more easier and to make Suratests more user friendly.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes. We have a 100% money back policy if our plan fails to deliver any component as per specifications. Check our terms of service or contact [email protected] for further queries.

What are the exams I can prepare for in Suratests?

Suratests currently offers exam preparation resources for Bank exams, TNPSC exams, TANCET, UPSC exam, SSC exam, TET exam, TRB exam and TN School Lab Assistant exam.

If I do not use my credits, how long will it take before it expires?

There is no validity period for your credits, it has lifetime validity.

How do I see my Performance in the online tests in Suratests?

You can check your performance test wise in the “my test” section and view your overall performance in the “my analytics” section

How do I get overall ranks for exams I attend?

After finishing a test the results are displayed in different ways. By clicking on the overall tab within “ my tests” you can view your overall rank.

Do I have to upload a profile photo after creating an account?

No, uploading a photo is completely up to you. It is not mandatory.

Who all can access my account?

The only way to access your account is by providing the correct login and password. Everyone who knows it can access your account, so be choosy about who you share that information with.

Can I take any sample tests before going in for a paid package?

Yes. On signing a minimum balance of 100 credits is provided free of cost and you can use this to take a few tests before going in for a paid package.

Can I take particular papers/sections of an exam?

Yes. Exams can be taken as a whole or you can also attempt different sections at a time like English, general awareness etc. to test yourself on one particular section.

What feature does the start your prep offer?

This feature allows you to access all the preparatory material for an exam i.e. for all different sections.

Can I view my tests even after I have finished them?

Yes. On going to “my tests” you can view all completed tests and their analysis.

How can I feel safe with Suratests, what privacy settings do you offer?

As a user you can restrict random people from sending friend requests, choose whether or not to show your birthday, profile photo and education details.

What are the unique features of your analytics?

My analytics provides different kinds of analysis of your test result. It tells your overall accuracy in terms of how many questions you have attempted and not. It gives percentage of completion of individual and combined tests that helps you analyze your overall performance. It also gives data on section wise details. Suratests’s “my analytics” offers the most detailed and comprehensive result analysis to help you improve on your weaknesses.

What do you offer as study materials?

Study materials include printed books having various section wise questions and many past papers to help you practice with.

How can I know about upcoming exams and important deadlines?

The notifications, upcoming exams and latest in exams sections give all necessary exam related information. If you have subscribed to Suratests, there is no possibility of missing any exam related information.